Waste Water Treatment

With numerous plants commissioned over four decades, Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions (MWTS) has pioneered wastewater and effluent treatment with customizable solutions to improve operational costs.

Anaerobic Treatment
Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor

Designed to separate gas, water, and sludge mixtures under highly turbulent conditions, the UASBR generates very low biological solids with improved contact between biomass and wastewater.

Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor

Being a treatment for Biodegradation, the Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor is designed to improve contact between biomass and wastewater with packed media that acts as a gas-solids separator. This reactor comes with a low footprint and also produces very less biological solids while producing methane gas.

Moving Bed Anaerobic Reactor

This type of reactor is best suited for a high loading rate that warrants high-speed organic wastewater treatment. This reactor is over three times faster than other anaerobic treatment systems.

  • Bio-carriers hold microbes stably and the biomass washout is limited
  • Applicable for a wide range of concentrations of organic wastewater
  • The obtained methane gas can be used as a power source through gas generators
Physicochemical Treatment

Combining physical and chemical processes, the Physicochemical Treatment is custom-built to remove Color, odor, Heavy metals, particulate and suspended matter. Built on skids, these systems are available at all capacities and ideally suited for the pre-treatment of effluent or sewage.

Membrane Bio Reactor

The Membrane Bio Reactor combines the benefits of the activated sludge process and membrane filtration process. Mounted on skids, these systems are easy to install and can also be easily scaled up to meet growing requirements.

Reclamation with UF/RO

If that task is to separate high molecular weight solutes, suspended solids, colloids, or macromolecules, nothing better than MWTS Reverse Osmosis systems to remove Total Dissolved Solids.

  • Membranes specially formulated from modified PES or PVDF, a hydrophilic, chemically stable polymer
  • Integrated CEB and CIP system
  • Comes with semi-automatic / fully automatic options
  • Optional features include auto-adjustable recovery, auto-monitoring feed conductivity, Feed pH, and air scoring for effective backwash
  • Energy recovery Devices - turbine type or pressure exchangers
  • 34 mill spacer, bio-resistant feed spacer options available