Ultra C-Membrane
Dealing with tough, industrial waste water made easy

When it comes to treating tough, hot, and corrosive industrial waste water, our non-polymeric membrane-based separation is what you want. Our inorganic membrane filtration portfolio includes a wide range of Ultra and Micro series that you can choose from.

Pilot unit - salient features
  • Complete pilot skid equipped with MCC
  • Asymmetric Al2O3 modules enclosed in UPVC housings
  • Membrane module configurations - flat sheet and tubular
  • Higher flux ranges of 90 – 100 LMH
  • Special coatings to target persistent contaminants
  • 500 - 1000 LPH portable test units
  • Highly trained and skilled operations with research support

Key Benefits

  • Wastewater recycle
  • Raw water pretreatment
  • Process liquid separation
  • Process filtration & recovery - acid filtration, spent caustic & solvent recovery
  • Oily wash water filtration
  • Acid mine drainage filtration
  • Laundry wash water filtration
  • Desalination pre-treatment


  • Chemically inert and foulant tolerant
  • Improved permeate fluxes
  • Highly immune to cleaning chemicals
  • Longer lifetime of the membranes
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower lifecycle costs