Sewage Treatment

Waste and sewage water impacts the environment heavily. The norms to treat such domestic and industrial waste water are becoming stricter calling for innovation and efficient project management for a consistent treatment and recovery needs.

Our core strength & expertise has always been in the design & execution of sewage treatment systems. We specialize in packaged STPs with capacities up to 100 KLD. Being a skid-mounted system, the project calls for minimal civil works thereby offering affordability and scalability.

Activated Sludge process

Activated sludge is used to treat sewage and industrial wastewater using air and bacteria-based biological floc to remove BOD and COD in the presence of microbial suspension. This cost-effective system induces biological nitrification without chemicals separating solids and liquids.

Moving Bed Bio Reactor

Ideal for removal of organic substances, nitrification and de-nitrification, the Moving Bed Bio Reactor is ideal to create a large surface area for bio-film growth.

  • Bio-carriers hold microbes stably and the biomass washout is limited
  • Applicable for a wide range of concentrations of organic wastewater
  • The obtained methane gas can be used as a power source through gas generators
Membrane Bio Reactor

The Membrane Bio Reactor combines the benefits of the activated sludge process and membrane filtration process. Mounted on skids, these systems are easy to install and can also be easily scaled up to meet growing requirements.

Reclamation with UF/RO

If that task is to separate high molecular weight solutes, suspended solids, colloids, or macromolecules, nothing better than MWTS Reverse Osmosis systems to remove Total Dissolved Solids.

  • Membranes specially formulated from modified PES or PVDF, a hydrophilic, chemically stable polymer
  • Integrated CEB and CIP system
  • Comes with semi-automatic / fully automatic options
  • Optional features include auto-adjustable recovery, auto-monitoring feed conductivity, Feed pH, and air scoring for effective backwash
  • Energy recovery Devices - turbine type or pressure exchangers
  • 34 mill spacer, bio-resistant feed spacer options available