Raw Water Treatment

Cost efficiency is at the core of our raw water treatment plants. Using integrated systems including oxidation, evaporation, and membrane filtration methods, we aim to maximize recovery and reuse.


Even at the pre-treatment stage, the plant is designed to remove suspended solids, reactive silica, colloidal solids, chemicals, and hardness by clarification and filtration.

  • High-rate solid contact clarifiers – High Efficiency at a lesser footprint
  • Customized physicochemical treatment for groundwater contaminants
  • Final polishing filters
  • Final polishing of resin bed systems
  • Fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metal removals
De Mineralization Systems

The Demineralization systems aim to remove suspended solids, reactive silica, and other suspended matter by clarification and filtration methods.

  • Only premium resins are used
  • Vessels manufactured to meet exacting standards
  • Material of construction: MSRL / FRP
  • Packaged system available also for lower flow rates
  • Mode options: Manual/semi-auto / fully auto
  • Conductivity & lt; 0.2 µS/cm
Electro Deionization

Set in a compact system, the Electro Deionization (EDI) comes as a combination of membrane and resin-based technology to produce DM water and Ultra-pure water. This process is entirely chemical-free and there is no regeneration making it one of the most sustainable systems.

  • No effluent generation
  • No bulk acid or caustic tanks required
  • Zero downtime ensures a continuous process
  • Comes as a convenient skid-mounted system that can be scaled up to meet growing requirements