Forward Osmosis
Battling with high TDS industrial brine?

Our hybrid non-thermal membrane concentration solution is your answer! We are reputed for process concentration applications with proven results. Equipped with a hybrid draw solution recovery system, the Forward Osmosis gives our clients the double benefit of concentration and pure water recovery. Portable pilot units of capacities 100 - 500 LPH are on offer.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced ZLD costs
  • Reduced brine disposal costs
  • Robust RO brine reject treatment with foulant-tolerant membranes
  • Minimal cleaning chemical consumption
  • Less energy intensive separation cum concentration
  • Reduced footprint


  • High TDS brine concentration
  • Process fluid concentration (fruit juices, coffee, natural aroma, and extracts)
  • Pure water recovery from brine reject
  • Valuable minerals and resource recovery