Primary Clarifiers

Settling velocity particle is at the core among other factors that determine the designed efficiency of our clarifiers. Right from the feed pipe to settling zone, scrapper arms and weirs, the parts are well integrated to extract maximum sludge.

Secondary Clarifiers

Our secondary clarifiers are custom-built to deftly separate activated sludge solids from the mixed liquor.

High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

High Rate Solid Contact Clarification (HRSCC) is designed to combine coagulation, flocculation, settling and sludge removal in a single tank. Tailor-made to suit various flow rates, our tanks are designed for very high flows combined with flash mixers and stilling chambers.

Key Benefits

  • Can handle a wide range of capacity-2m diameter to 24m diameter & SWD 3 & 3.5m
  • Customized sludge removal mechanism with 2 or 4 arm scrappers
  • Optional scum removal system based on design needs
  • Provision of both fixed and travel-type bridges
  • Various MOC of wetted parts is available for various applications


  • Pre-treatment
  • Solid recovery
  • Potable water treatment