Optimizing Operations

Our clients optimize operational performance and derive maximum value with our world-class chemical solutions, services, and automation systems. We help reduce total cost of operations and the overall environmental footprint.

Formulated at state-of-the-art labs and manufactured at our modern production sites our customized chemicals cover water treatment applications, enzymes, and process additives.

Industries we cover

Food & Beverage (Sugar , Brewery , Beverage , Distillery) , Pharmaceuticals (API) , Automotive , Primary metals and Mining, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Manufacturing & Semiconductor.

Institutional sectors: IT Parks, Airports and Large Commercial District Cooling.

Water Clarification and Wastewater Treatment Program

As a highly customized process warranting proper evaluation and the right design parameters, wastewater treatment calls for high efficiency in operational requirements and environmental compliance.

We offer customized water treatment solutions and reuse up to hyper-pure water for municipal and industrial use. Our biological treatment solutions and chemicals are of the highest standards to meet every requirement.

By augmenting the performance of dewatering systems and equipment we enable clients to use the onsite, treated, and recycled wastewater instead of discharging it and opting for water from external sources. Our technological know-how and strategic presence give us ample knowledge of the local water quality requirements to comply with the region-wise parameters and regulations.

  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants (powder and emulsion type)
  • Dewatering polymers
  • Filter aid
  • Emulsion breaker
  • De-oiling polymer
  • Odor control and defoamers
Biological Treatment
MBiotek - Special Enzymes for Biological Treatment

Our MBiotek range of enzymes is best suited for aerobic treatment of wastewater. They maximize organic conversion to carbon dioxide producing new biomass.

In our anaerobic treatment, we enhance the breakdown of organic contaminants in the bioreactor receptacle containing the sludge.


We have developed combination enzymes for molasses-based breweries to enhance the quality and quantity of alcohol. By hydrolysing unfermentable sugars and converting them to reducing sugars, we help improve the fermentation cycle and efficiency.

Membrane and Evaporation Program

We offer complete and reliable RO solutions including, pre-treatment modules, cartridges, multi-media, filters, pre-filtration, softeners, RO & UF membranes, and chemical feed systems. Our membrane treatment chemicals come with NSF Standard 60 approvals and are compatible with various membrane types. They cover all types of feed water including brackish, seawater, fresh and industrial wastewater and can also be applied over a wide range of pH spectra with assured compatibility.

We develop customized solutions following detailed computer modelling using advanced software to evaluate mechanical, operational, and chemical parameters including cationic/anionic feed water analysis.


With proven performance over decades¸ our anti-scalants are best suited to prevent mineral scale deposits on membranes. We have ensured optimum productivity preventing membrane fouling in a wide range of RO systems.


Our full range of uniquely formulated cleaners removes mineral scales, organic deposits and/or micro-bio based fouling material. The CIP process which is an integral part of RO operation helps restore RO plants. Cleaners are of both acidic and alkaline types which are further strengthened by enhancers to maximize the outcome of the cleaning process.


Bio-growth is a common challenge in RO operations. Non-oxidizing biocides can control microbiological fouling in the RO membranes and guarantee a steady operation, preventing unplanned downtime.


Optimum requirement for smooth RO operation is low SDI, no chlorine, and proper pH in the feed water. In some cases, these parameters are met by feeding pre-treatment chemicals to maximize membrane productivity and performance. We have developed a wide range of coagulants, de-chlorination agents, and acids to address every need.

Thermal Desalination / MEE application

Our treatment programs provide superior performance, controlling scales and foaming challenges in high-temperature brine plants.

Boiler & Steam Generation Chemical Treatment Program

Industrial steam generation calls for the optimum chemical program along with continuous monitoring. Our wide-ranging program for boiler treatment maximises system efficiency, eliminates unplanned downtime, and extends equipment life.

  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Oxygen scavengers (organic and inorganic)
  • Alkalinity builders
  • Passivation agents (corrosion protection)
  • Neutralising amines
  • Boiler internal water treatment
  • Co-ordinated phosphate
  • Non-phosphate polymer program
  • Phosphate / polymer program
  • Antifoam agents
  • Steam & condensate treatment
  • Neutralising amines
  • Filming amines
  • Oxygen scavengers and passivating agents (100% volatile type)
  • Wet lay-up programs
  • Special treatment programs
  • De-scaling agents (acid and non-acidic)
  • Food compliance programs
  • Fireside additives
Cooling Systems Treatment Program

Scaling, fouling, biological contamination, and corrosion in cooling water systems directly affect the efficiency and safety of plant operations. Though only 2-3% of the cooling tower operation cost is related to the chemical program, it has a direct impact on plant productivity and operational efficiency. Our unique blends of chemicals have delivered great savings in operational costs to our clients from across industries.

  • Scale & deposit control program
  • Corrosion control program
  • Bacteria & bio-management program
Green Chemistry

A breakthrough sustainable chemistry technology platform for various industrial / household applications.

We embarked on our Green Chemistry program with a single mission, ‘Break the myth that Green Products do not deliver on performance’. Using renewable input material, we offer solutions to address larger issues such as industrial pollution and depletion of renewable resources.

  • Green raw materials - we use renewable carbon-based, non-toxic, organic compounds
  • Green manufacturing process – we deploy low energy, zero waste manufacturing process
  • Safe and green application - reduced cost of operations
  • Broad application range - can be applied at broad temperatures and pH conditions
  • Readily bio-degradable

Special Process Application

Our specialty chemicals for the mining industry include froth flotation chemicals, special additives, and defoamers.

  • Optimizes recovery and improves grade with specialized collectors and frothers
  • Provides complete beneficiation solution with flotation reagents, agglomeration additives, and filter aids
  • Customizes flotation reagents and fertilizer additives to optimize operations
Flushing & Passivation Services

We offer comprehensive solutions for the flushing and passivation of piping systems. Our systems are in line with the international guidelines and recommendations including BSRIA.

Our system removes contaminants including iron oxides, loose mill scale, grease, oil, welding splashes, cement, or brick dust that may have entered the system during installation. This flushing process is followed by a passivation process before the start-up and commissioning of the plant.

Automation & Feeding Equipment
Pre–treatment Supplies

Includes softeners, de-alkalization, de-mineralization and ultra-filtration, MBR & RO systems.

Dosing & Control System

Our control equipment ensures that cooling towers and RO systems continue safe operations. In addition to packaged chemical dosing systems, we provide a wide range of water treatment dosing pumps and spares (e.g. timer, water-meter signal or other external input options).

Analytical Equipment & Services

Water testing plays a vital role in its treatment. Our quick and accurate water testing solutions are offered both on-site and under laboratory conditions. Our fully accredited laboratory conducts all chemical, physical, and microbiological analyses. We also provide an extensive range of professional water testing kits, chemical reagents, spectrophotometers, and dipslides which are suitable for the microbiological monitoring of cooling water systems, natural water, wastewater, and industrial effluents.

Polymer Preparation System

Effective preparation and accurate dilution of flocculants and polymers are essential during raw water clarification and wastewater treatment for obtaining the desired water quality. We have tailored polymer feeding systems (powder and liquid) to serve every unique requirement.

Disinfection Technologies

Our water chlorination systems ensure high quality disinfection and this technology is offered along with full system support right up to installation and aftersales service.

  • Automated hypo-dosing system
  • Chlorine dioxide generators
  • Ozone generators
  • High-quality UV water systems